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Lenis™ Now Available In Canada!

Better Medication Compliance

Fear of needles affects more than 10% of the population and is the leading cause of medication non-compliance. With Lenis, there are no needles with less pain and bruising.

The Device is Highly Adaptable

Suitable for a variety of Sub-Q and Intramuscular medications such as: local anesthetics, Steroids, HA, HGH, HCG, PRP, Vitamin B12,  Vitamin D and Vitamin K, Insulin, Vaccines, Cosmetic Fillers; as well as Fertility, Multiple Sclerosis and Orthopedic Drugs.

Safe, Needle Free Injections

Needle Free Syringes are now a reality for the whole family, perfect for seniors who bleed easily, children needing multiple shots, even for your family pet.

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